To future investigators of Operation Found Safe:

Operation Found Safe  is a non-profit organization founded by Julie Smith-Cunningham, along with a group of devoted licensed investigators and many dedicated volunteers that donate their time pro-bono for the sole purpose to successfully and safely locate missing children.  Operation Found Safe has developed techniques and processes which produce quick response and effective utilization of community man-power and resources. When a child goes missing, speed is of the essence.

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Operation Found Safe is seeking licensed investigators and/or investigation companies to join our team. Our volunteer investigators serve as a link between Operation Found Safe and law enforcement for the sole purpose of locating the missing children. This is volunteer work but brings with it many benefits, not only knowing that you will have played a vital role rescuing children from trafficking or worse, but also joining "Team Operation Found Safe" you will become part of our nationwide network of truly dedicated & knowledgeable licensed investigators. 

Operation Found Safe's services are offered free of charge to the parents of missing children ages 11 to 16 missing within 120 days. Missing children 10 & younger or 17 & older can be referred to our network of for hire licensed private investigators.

Operation Found Safe is dedicated to the families & serves each with respect, compassion, communication & understanding throughout their turmoil. Once Operation Found Safe takes a case we will never give up searching for the missing child. Please consider donating some of your time to this worthy cause. 

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