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 Operation Found Safe is seeking State Operator’s for each & every one of our 50 states.  This will be a volunteer position that requires a tremendous amount of time & effort especially at the beginning of building your state framework. You are to recruit licensed private investigators within your state that would be willing to donate their time to our cause if a child goes missing from their area.  Also recruit, train & supervise volunteers from all over your state. Depending on state size, you’ll then separate your state into however many regions you feel is needed (with HQ approval) & the goal is to find amazing individuals that you can count on to be your Field Representative’s around different areas of the state.  These Field Representative's would help take over & relieve the State Operator of a lot of the tedious volunteer in-takes & welcome letters, upkeep of the investigator / volunteer spreadsheet lists, Facebook postings & email blasting, help organize community poster par of all current missing child cases within your state, etc.


We want to warn you up front, the State Operator position is an extremely emotional & highly stressful role. The State Operator & the lead private investigator that you will assign to a missing child case will be the only ones with direct contact with the parents (guardians) of the missing child.  It will take a special individual as you’ll practically need to always be “on call” for these parents of a missing child.  We ask that the State Operator & all Regional Advocates receive Crisis Management or Active Listening Skills training to help prepare them for the situations they will encounter.  It’s going to take the right individual to take on the State Operator position.  That being said, after all the stressful & emotional occurrences you’ll go through with the parents of a missing child after you organize the entire Team Operation Found Safe to pull all of its resources together & you get word that the missing child has been found safe it is by far one of the most fulfilling roles one can take one & it makes it all worth it!

First, make sure you sign up as a volunteer & submit all of your information with Operation Found Safe on our main volunteer page at:   www.operationfoundsafe.org/ofs-volunteers.  If you know you are up for the task & ready to take on one of the most fulfilling & difference making roles in the missing children epidemic out there please take the second step & submit below.

To start the State Operator approval process, please submit a short bio about yourself & tell us why you are interested in helping to locate missing children below: 

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